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3dhentai A New Experience

3dhentai A New Experience

An animation featuring the lesbian couple Tracer & her girlfriend, Emily, both experiencing a man for the first time.

Lesbian couple Tracer & Emily decide to experiment and have their first ever time with a man. Tracer sits on the edge of the bed barefoot wearing a tight white crop top & sporty leggings while she watches Emily on the other side of the bedroom give their male guest a handjob. Emily jerks his huge thick meaty cock as she stares into his eyes with her beautiful brown big doe eyes. Next up Tracer gets in on the action, she kneels in front of the guy while taking just the tip of his cock in her mouth as she experiences the taste of cock for the first time. She sucks on it slowly, not satisfied the guy wants more & he wants it NOW! He quickly grabs Tracer’s head & pushes it down a little further onto his cock so the whole head of his cock is in her mouth now. She gags a little & her eyes panic not knowing what is about to happen next. Without warning he suddenly shoves her whole head down on his cock in one fell swoop forcing her to deepthroat the whole length of his huge cock. She gags again as he holds her head against his crotch for a few seconds. He then starts thrusting her head back and forth on his cock face fucking her as a long thread of her saliva drips messily from her mouth to the base of his cock. She gags every time he thrusts her back & forth on his cock meanwhile Emily sits on the edge of the bed watching with envy as she rubs her pussy.

All three of them get on the bed. Emily wearing nothing but her red sweater lies on the bed in front of the guy who is sliding his cock across the outside of her pussy & across her crotch. Tracer kneels off to the side, she slowly pushes Emily back until Emily is lying on her back. The guy rests the tip of his cock against her perfect innie pussy, he teases her for a few seconds before slowly penetrating her pussy taking her straight virginity for the first time. Once inside her he doesn’t waste any time getting her used to the feeling as he begins fucking deep inside her, her stomach already bulging with every single thrust. Tracer’s hard nipples poke through her crop top as she bites her lip while watching Emily’s smooth toned stomach get stretched out by the giant cock deep inside her.

Tracer, naked lies back on the bed as the guy lies opposite her at the other end of the bed. Tracer puts her feet either side of his cock & begins sliding them up and down giving him a footjob. She then climbs on top of him and begins riding him reverse cowgirl experiencing cock for the first time, she moans every time she bounces up & down. He then takes Emily in a face down ass up doggystyle style position. He fucks her sweet pussy as she moans with pleasure biting her lip on a few occasions. He suddenly starts thrusting faster & harder taking her by surprise, she braces as she grunts, makes fists with her hands, & her tongue sticks out. He starts cumming inside her, his last hard thrusts cause cum to spill out of her pussy & up into the air landing on her ass & back. Tracer takes her turn, she jumps on his cock reverse cowgirl again riding him slowly as his cock bulges her stomach lightly. He puts his hands either side of her hips holding her body in place as he takes over. He starts thrusting much faster than she rode him, her stomach bulging more violently now as he fucks her. Knowing he’s close he starts fucking her like a jackhammer, he thrusts one last time as hard as he can pushing his huge cock deep inside her as he begins cumming. This one last thrust causes her body to curve backwards suddenly while her tongue sticks out. He grabs her stomach & shoulder and pulls her backwards flat atop his body. He then wraps his right arm around her stomach holding her in place while choking her with his left hand as he keeps filling her up with his hot white sticky stuff. Afterwards Tracer & Emily both lie on their stomachs naked either side of the guy. His cock still hard as a cock stands to attention while Tracer licks & kisses it meanwhile Emily sucks on his balls.

Sex – Riding Dick – Handjob – Blowjob – Deepthroat – Face Fuck – Footjob – Stomach Bulging
Choking – Licking/Kissing Dick – Ball Sucking – Two Creampies – Cum On Ass/Back
Threesome – Lesbians First Time With A Man – Voiced – Animated – 3D

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