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3dhentai Bedtime Boogey

3dhentai Bedtime Boogey

June’s son, Lucus, cries in the hallway as June tries to calm him down, he’s afraid their are monsters in his room. June goes to investigate her son’s room to reassure him there are no monsters. She enters into his room in a full kit of lingerie (nice porn setup!), she says hello out loud. The Sony stereo flickers on & off a brief sec before flickering again but this time it stays on and the Ghostbusters theme starts playing. Behind her the Boogeyman monster appears, she can sense something behind her. As she appears frightened the Boogeyman reaches his hand out to her and she screams. The door magically flies shut and the tearing of her bra can be heard. The Boogeyman has her on the bed and leans over her getting his ugly face all up in her grill. She tells her soon its ok it is just a racoon and to not open the door as he tries the door handle. Just as she finishes her sentence the Boogeyman forcefully sticks his very long and thick tongue into her mouth. It begins mouth fucking her with his tongue all the while it causes her breasts to balloon in size. She almost begins to enjoy the sensation of getting tongue fucked as she lightly moans.

He tears off her panties and pushes her legs down on the bed to her side. He then takes a step back, positions his humongous cock behind her then suddenly without warning rams it in her ass. She gasps as it penetrates her butthole. Without delay he starts thrusting very hard and deep into her ass as she groans with pain. He holds her arm up as he increases his speed fucking her like a jackhammer as she tells him its too much and that she has never had anything in her ass before. She begs him to be quiet as her son won’t hear, he stops and slaps her ass hard. She looks up at him and asks what is he going to do to her. Lucas listens outside the bedroom as his Mother gets her ass rammed thoroughly. He looks at her and grins. He makes her sit up on the edge of the bed and puts his cock between her ginormous breasts. He holds her tits up with his hands and squeezes them together against his cock. As this happens she begins lactating like a fountain, milk shoots out of her nipples onto the bed. When he’s had his fun he thrusts his cock further between her breasts up into her mouth. He titty fucks and face fucks her simultaneously, putting her perfect dick sucking lips to good use. He continues this for awhile until he finally cums shooting his load of hot white sticky stuff in her mouth and straight down her throat. With each load her head recoils back as she struggles to take the level of cum down her throat.

Sex – Anal – Face Fuck – Titty Fuck – Tongue Fuck – Lactation
Ass Slap – Breast Inflation – Cum In Mouth – Sideways
1on1 – Rape – Monster on Female – Voiced – Animated – 3D

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