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3dhentai Misspelled Part 1

3dhentai Misspelled Part 1

The Witch reads from her spellbook double checking the pentagram symbol she has the floor matches the one in the book. She takes out her wand and begins casting the summoning spell, the pentagram on the floor lights up with light and energy causing a sudden bright light. After the light dissipates she uncovers her face to find a ogre succubus demon kneeling on top of the pentagram. The curvaceous red ogre succubus stands up straight revealing her huge dong. The Witch can’t keep her mouth clothed as she ogles at her huge cock. The succubus knows exactly what she wants and walks over to the Witch while her big ol’ dick sways left and right. The succubus towering over the Witch looks down at her.

With her skirt ripped revealing her perky small breasts the Witch lies on her back on a table with her legs straight up in the air. The succubus starts fucking the witch’s pussy standing missionary style. The Witch’s stomach violently bulges with every thrust that goes deep inside her. The succubus doesn’t hold back as she fucks her hard and deep. She holds the Witch’s hips in place so she can go even deeper, her cock bulges all the way up to & between the witch’s breasts now, giving her a titty fuck from inside her body. The Witch casts a spell causing the succubus’s dick to grow even larger, the circumference at least three times bigger now. The cock is massive inside the Witch’s body now taking up so much space now the bulge is never not there. The succubus just wiggles her cock inside the witch just a fraction causing the Witch senses to go wild. The succubus then resumes thrusting, fucking faster than before now as she holds the Witch’s legs apart. The Witch’s whole torso bulges now as the succubus fucks her senseless. The Witch’s wand rolls off the table which sets off a random spell which causes the Witch’s body to grow thicker most notable her breasts ass, thighs become much larger and well and truly THICC. But then suddenly the succubus body starts growing in size, as she becomes taller & bigger her cock still inside the Witch becomes larger also. The Witch’s pussy keeps expanding and expanding with the cock growth of the succubus until the cock suddenly pops out. She lies her cock across the Witch’s stomach & slides it forward between the Witch’s now huge breasts. She then begins titty fucking her with her gigantically size cock.

The succubus wants something more, she pulls back the cock and rests the tip against the Witch’s asshole. She forcefully penetrates her ass with it as the Witch gasps in pain. With the cock now inside her ass the succubus starts fucking her. Within seconds she is deep inside the Witch’s ass and bulging her stomach. Her cock quickly makes her through the Witch’s body all the way underneath her tits causing her tits to bulge in and out with each thrust. The succubus leans over as she fucks her now really going at her. She pushes the Witch’s legs backwards holding them against the table now as she pummels away. Her cock reaches all the way up to her throat now as she fucks down into her fucking her faster and faster. As she feels herself nearing the end she pulls the Witch’s legs back up into the air and fucks the Witch senseless like a waterballoon. She then cums, her thrust goes deep inside the Witch right up to her neck so as soon as she cums a second later the Witch is puking up the cum out of her mouth. The cum lands all over the Witch’s own face, the Witch tries to cover her mouth as the succubus continues to cum inside of her. Her belly balloons to an astronomical size until she can’t hold it in any longer with her hands. She violently pukes up the cum as her hands fall away, it fountains out of her mouth covering her cute little face in ungodly amounts of cum. The succubus finally stops thrusting & slides her cock out of her & rests it upon the Witch’s cum-inflated stomach as cum continues to seep out of the tip. Cum continues to gush out of both ends of the Witch now.

Sex – Anal – Very Rough Sex – Violent Stomach Bulging – Breast Bulging – Titty Fuck (Inside & Outside) – Breast/Ass/Thigh/Dick Growth
Facial – Creampie – Cum Gushing Out – Puking Cum – Cumflation – Standing Missionary
1on1 – Lesbian – Futa Ogre On Female – Voiced – Animated – 3D

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