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BDSMmania Casey Calvert (Casey Calvert Suffers Through Relentless Torture and Ha

BDSMmania_Casey Calvert (Casey Calvert Suffers Through Relentless Torture and Hardcore Bondage / 34848)

Casey starts her day tied to a wall in a squatting stress position. Her elbows are bound and pulled behind her head and connected to a crotch rope. Her legs are spread wide and the pain the tie is causing is very evident. She is flogged and played with like the helpless whore that she is.Next she is on her back in a box tie with her pussy and asshole fully exposed and waiting to be violated. She is first caned and her soft soles are brutally tormented, before her cunt and ass are penetrated. The pain becomes unbearable as her cervix is tapped on with the blunt end of a cane.Casey is then put in an inverted double knee suspension, again with her legs spread wide. Her helpless pussy is violated again along with having her nipples tortured. She screams in agony, but that just makes The Pope hurt her more.She is then put on her back again, but this time a predicament with her legs spread and her arms are used to hold her legs in place. She has to endure more foot torture, flogging, and nipple abuse before finally receiving her final screaming orgasm.

Genre: Torture, Bondage, BDSM, Humilation, Toys, Domination
Country: USA
Cast: Casey Calvert

VideoQuality: SD
VideoFormat: MPEG-4
FileExtension: mp4
FileSize: 642.9 MB
Duration: 00:58:39
Resolution: 960×540

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