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BDSMmania Dylan


Genre: Bondage, BDSM, Hardcore
Cast: Dylan

Welcome Dylan back to Hogtied. This hot blond local girl loves bondage, she just seems to sink into it. It is so obvious when the model genuinely likes what she is doing.
One of the things that makes Hogtied special is that what we do on screen, you can do at home. We specialize in realistic bondage and situations. We use items you have or can easily come by. In today’s update we use electrical tape, a hot rich blond in a sexy red dress and heels, a creepy bedroom, and a stick with a dildo and vibrator taped to it.
We got ourselves a cute one, a rich girl. We got her all taped up, gagged and helpless. Now it’s time to teach this rich beauty a lesson in being a beauty. The tape is unforgiving and escape is impossible. The bed is soft, the girl is helpless. We rip her clothes off, expose her shaved pussy and aubse her. In the end she is cumming and cumming as her beauty is filled with a huge dildo and the vibrator on her clit makes her cum over and over.

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