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Genres: Degradation, Session, Whipped, Flogged, Nose, Snot, Drool, Bloomers, Polka Dots, Heels, Cuffs, Tissues, Sadomasochism, Metal Bondage, K1nk, Pain Porn, Masochism, Sadism, Master slave

DESCRIPTION: Pretty girl Abigail Dupree gets all dressed up wearing Polka dots and bloomers, just to be degraded by her Master. Who is she kidding? Nothing is sacred beyond suffering in Master Jame’s Hellish dung3on. After Master warms her up with His whip, He hooks her nose like a pig and finds some tools to explore her less traveled holes. How about some nose tickets to wipe the nasty boogers from her horse nose? Slave Abigail doesn’t seem to like having her face fucked with, and that is really unfortunate for her. A slave must be content in all forms of service.
DEBRISx slave training: Degradation (from Latin degrado "degrade", to gradus "step") refers to the degradation of the slave’s personality through humiliation or the attribution of humiliating role models. The goal is usually the sustained devaluation of the slave’s personality and the deep internalization of the slave’s own worthlessness, often to the point of complete depersonalization or objectification



DOWNLOAD —>>> 420 – Nose Tickets – Abigail Dupree – Jul 15, 2020

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