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Extreme Rita Rollins (2016)

Extreme_Rita Rollins (2016)

Genre: BDSM, Humiliation, Torture
Description: Expecting Rita Rollins to be the perfect submissive from the second she was in bondage may have been a bit lofty of a goal, but aiming high is how we give the best training to the slaves in our care. O.T. has simple instructions. Don’t whine, moan. Don’t cum until you are told. Beg, plead, and grovel as necessary to receive even more intense BDSM. Rita is almost as thin at the waist as the pipes that are locked around her. A chain runs between her legs and it’s cold and hard at first, before her heat and juices start to warm them up. She’s fucking herself on the floor of the dungeon, trying to get off against the irons, but it’s hard when O.T. won’t stop whipping her. She is trying to make him happy. She doesn’t want to cry, because she knows it will only make him hit her harder. He told her to moan and so she is moaning. But when Rita cums without permission she knows that she is in for it. He can twist anything against her, and he will. She doesn’t stand a chance.

Size: 2.30 GiB
Resolution:720 x 1 280
Duration: 43 min 5 s
Type: MPEG-4

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