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Footfetish Adria Rae (Just playing fair)

Footfetish_Adria Rae (Just playing fair)

Genre: All Sex, Foot Fetish
Cast: Adria Rae

I’m kinda fed up with my boyfriend. He plays video games all day long, no entertainment for me, and lately we barely even have sex. One day I came home and his friend Bill was there playing video games with him. I thought he was cute so I started flirting with him. He said he’s into me but doesn’t want to get in trouble with my BF since they’re friends. Whatever! So I just went upstairs to rub one out. The next day I came home and surprisingly the couch was empty; BF wasn’t planted there like usual. He was probably up in the bedroom I thought. I saw this as a chance to finally get laid so I ran upstairs. On the way up I took my top off to surprise him. I opened the bedroom door and was shocked to see Bill and BF playing a VR game. It was my BF’s turn to play so his headset and VR goggles were on his head and couldn’t see or hear anything. Bill and I just couldn’t resist wanting to fool around behind his back. We both wanted it so bad we just gave in! He definitely had some foot fetish because he couldn’t stop kissing and licking my feet and toes. It was so hot to see that he was so into my sexy feet. It turned me on so much I jumped on his cock while he kissed and sucked my feet and toes in every position. I couldn’t have cared less if BF caught us. Well, eventually he did but it was still worth it. I was so over him anyway.

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