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Footfetish NICOLE – Testing the abilities of the new slave girl

Footfetish_NICOLE – Testing the abilities of the new slave girl

Nicole has a lot of fans .. louise is a new slave girl who for a long time wanted to be at Nicole’s feet. And today Nicole decided to test her abilities and compare louise with zoe. zoe has been serving Nicole for a long time and this is the first time for louise .. Which of the slave girls would be better to clean her dirty feet, carry out humiliating orders and please her in every possible way? It will be decided only by Nicole .. She went out to the common balcony in the evening to get some fresh air and took both slave girls with her. Nicole went there barefoot and accordingly her feet quickly became dirty. Obviously, the slave girls will have to clean them out. Slave girls crawl behind Nicole’s feet like pets and try to kiss them while she walks along the common entrance. When Nicole was convinced that her feet were dirty enough she went into the apartment and sat on the couch. And here begins the competition of slave girls .. each of them wants to please her Mistress more. zoe, as a slave girl with experience, cannot let her Mistress down and louise, as a new slave girl, must try her best so that Nicole does not drive her away. In this way, Nicole’s feet gradually became cleaner and cleaner and the tongues of the slave girls were blacker and blacker .. Sometimes Nicole spat in their mouths to moisten their tongues more and cleanse a little of the dirt. Do you think louise had the skills to become Nicole’s new slave girl?

Genre: humiliation, femdom, feet, lezdom, spitting
Cast: Nicole, Zoe, Louise

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VideoFormat: MPEG-4
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Resolution: 1920×1080

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