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Incest Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase (Free Use Step Aunt Moving In Vol 2 / Parts 1-

Incest_Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase (Free Use Step Aunt Moving In Vol. 2 / Parts 1-4)

What Will You Do To Stay
I notice my step Aunt Melanie standing outside of my brand new front door. I open the front door and she tells me that her husband found out that she was escorting, so he kicked her out! She is really desperate to stay at my house, so I ask her to prove to me that she really wants to stay here. I tell her to pull off her dress, outside of my house, and stand in front of my house completely naked. She does as she�?Ts told, and I tell her that she made it past step 1 and she can step foot inside of my house. I warn her that she�?Ts going to have to give up a lot more than that, if she wants to stay here! When we get into my kitchen, I ask Melanie if I can grab her tits. She allows me, and then she gets down on her knees to give me a blowjob. After she gets my cock nice and hard, she lies down in the missionary position where I start to fuck her ass. I fuck her pussy next, before she flips over into the doggystyle position. I keep fucking her holes back and forth, in no particular order, until I cum deep inside of her pussy. She is allowed to stay the night, now that she earned her keep.Fuck My Ass Before Leaving For Work
My step-mom, Melanie, comes into my bedroom to ask me if she looks okay for her date appointment. She is wearing a matching purple bra and panty set, as she walks closer to my bed. She asks me if I will help stretch her ass out for her, before she goes to work tonight. Of course I agree to help her! I pull my cock out so she can give me a nice, wet blowjob first. Once my cock is hard, I ask her to take her bra and panties off. She lies down on the bed and she pours some lube on her holes, to prepare for me fucking her. I fuck her ass and her pussy back and forth, in no particular order. I keep fucking her until I cum inside of her ass hole again!Step Family Anal Threesome
I walk into my bedroom to find my step-mom and my step Aunt sitting down naked on my bed. They ask me if the three of us can have some fun before they leave to go work for the evening. Cory asks if she can give me a blowjob first, and Melanie follows her. Melanie bends over in the doggystyle position, and I start to fuck her ass and pussy back and forth while Cory watches. I fuck Cory�?Ts ass and I watch her ass hole gape nice and wide. I have the two MILF�?Ts lie down on the back next, so I can fuck both of their holes back and forth in the missionary position. Cory and Melanie take turns riding my cock next, and I love watching both of their big tits bounce up and down as they ride me. When I finally am ready to cum, I jerk my cock off all over both of their faces! I soaked both of the MILF�?Ts and I�?Tm pretty proud of myself�?�Sunbathing Sluts
My step Aunt and my step-mom put on their bikinis and they step outside in my backyard, hoping to suntan. Unfortunately, it is lightly raining today, so the two MILF�?Ts decide to come back inside. They start searching the house for me, and they find me lying down in one of the bedrooms. I tell the two MILF�?Ts that they should feel free to play with each other in front of me. They both pull their tops off, before they hop on to my bed. Cory starts to eat Melanie�?Ts pussy out while I fuck Cory from behind. I fuck Cory�?Ts pussy and ass, back and forth, and I�?Tm loving every minute! When I am ready to cum, I explode in Melanie�?Ts mouth and on her face. Then she kisses Cory and the two MILF�?Ts swap my cum!

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Cast: Melanie Hicks, Cory Chase

VideoQuality: Full HD
VideoFormat: MPEG-4
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FileSize: 3.18 GB
Duration: 01:14:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

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