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Incest Sloansmoans Mommy-finds-out

Incest Sloansmoans Mommy-finds-out

I’m cleaning your room one day and I find your journal… little do I know what I’m about to read. Countless sick fantasies written about bondage, and gang bangs, and impregnation. And what is even more repulsive is that they all involve ME. You watch me get used by all your friends and you always finish me off with a creampie. I’m sickened by this and I can’t believe you could possibly have those thoughts about me. I’m angry and upset and I start to get a headache as I scold you. You hand me a pill and… next thing I know I wake up naked, with my arms tied over my head. I struggle and beg and plead with you to untie me but my cries are no use. You use me, fuck me, make me beg for your cum and by the end I’m exhausted and worn out. But now… I’m yours. Days later I prove to you that mommy is all yours now by writing my own sick fantasy and by seducing you into fucking me again. I ask to be tied up and call you my dirty boy. My body is all for you now and I prove it by turning into a cum-begging mommy… enjoy me, xo TABOO/MOMMY ROLE PLAY/DIRTY TALK/INTENSE/C*N**C/POV SEX/ARMPIT FETISH/BONDAGE/IMPREGNATION/BREEDING/CREAMPIE/CUM BEGGING/INTENSE/SUBMISSION/SUBMISSIVE MOMMY

Sex Acts:
Incest roleplaying video with dirty talk, son (POV) forces her into sex (CNC) after she exposes him about his journal after the first virtual sex scene there’s another one in which she acts submissive and willingly towards her son seducing him for sex, both scenes end with a virtual creampie.

Name: Incest Sloansmoans Mommy-finds-out
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Format: AVC
Duration: 00:34:07

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