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Incest Vanessa Cage And Cory Chase – My Lustful Daughter

Incest Vanessa Cage And Cory Chase – My Lustful Daughter

Thunder Buddies
It’s thundering outside so Vanessa sneaks in to her parent’s bedroom; she wants to cuddle with her daddy during the storm! Her mother, Cory, looks so peaceful in her sleep and she looks like she is really in a deep sleep. Vanessa snuggles up against her daddy’s body and rubs her ass back and forth on his cock to try and get him hard. Then she decides to suck his hard cock while her mom is asleep next to them! Luke eats his daughter’s pussy, but then they get nervous that Cory is going to wake up and catch them…

Lights Out
"This time… I want you to fuck me, daddy!" Vanessa exclaims. Her mom, Cory, took her sleeping pills and she is in a very deep sleep. Vanessa runs over to her mother and lifts her arms up and drops them down, to prove to her daddy that her mom is fully asleep. Vanessa begins to strip out of her pajamas, and starts sucking Luke’s hard cock. He then eats her pussy, and as Luke begins to fuck his daughter, he grabs Cory’s lifeless hand and places it on top of Vanessa’s tits. He ends up cumming all over Vanessa’s tits while Vanessa plays with her mom’s tits as she lays there sleeping.

Blind Love
Cory is laying on the bed with a blindfold on as her husband Luke has sex with her. Their daughter Vanessa sneaks in to the room and Luke tries to shoo her away, but she has another plan in mind: she wants to secretly join them, while her mother keeps the blindfold on! As Luke’s hard cock goes in and out of Cory’s pussy, Vanessa begins to grab at her mom’s tits and even kisses her mom, while Cory assumes that she is just having sex with her husband. Little does she know that she is really having a threesome with her husband and daughter…


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