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Just Another Glamor Shoot – MiaGold

Just Another Glamor Shoot – MiaGold

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Did someone tell Mia Gold that this would be a glamour shoot? She definitely seems to recognize that things are strange, but not quite fast enough to save her, it seems. PD impaling her cunt so deeply that the dildo keeps her transfixed apparently wasn’t a big red flag.

It isn’t until she indicates that she wants to leave that Mia really learns how bad things are going to get. PD has some electrodes that he uses to enforce the full cooperation of models. She doesn’t think they are a good idea, but who the hell asked her in the first place? A few good shocks and she is as compliant as you please.

Holding up a couple of buckets at arm’s length is actually pretty tough. Mia feels the strain almost right away. But if she wants to get through the day with a bare minimum of electrical impulses running through her snatch she had better find the strength to carry on.

Getting caned and giving head are an alternative to electrocution that Mia can live with. She may scream in pain but it is better than the voltage. Mia likes the contraption he puts her in because it gets her off of the hard, metal cock. PD likes his swinging, steel stocks because they give him access to all three of her holes as well as some more sensitive places to punish.

A cunt full of cock and a face full of jizz make Mia so horny that she can barely contain herself. PD came on her face, her pussy, and then vibrated her to the most incredible orgasm of her life. All she can say afterwards is “Wow.”

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