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Spanking Sarah’s Revenge

Spanking_Sarah’s Revenge

Genre: disci, Spanking
Cast: Sarah Gregory, Christina Carter

Christina is not expecting to find her precious little girl (Sarah) waiting up for her in the master bedroom after she arrives home in suspicious circumstances. Sarah’s long term suspicions are confirmed with the sight of her mother (dressed provocatively) sneaking in late at night, looking guilty as heck when she is caught out by her daughter. Now this gives Sarah plans of her own as the tables are turned… Christina has no excuses to give and is at the mercy of her daughter. She admits that she has been seeing a hot young guy behind her husband’s back, and reluctantly agree to accept whatever her daughter has planned. So if Christina wants the sordid secret kept that way, she has no choice, no matter how humiliating this might be… to take the punishment Sarah wants to give her. Mom is mortified that a smirking Sarah wants to spank her just the way she dished out many spankings to her girl over the many years. This means she spanks her mom’s bare bottom over her lap and uses a mean, stinging leather paddle, the one Christina used on her in the past! Sarah thoroughly enjoys dishing out the same humiliating punishment that was given to her many times in the past. Revenge for Sarah is a dish best served with her hard hand and plenty of servings of a leather paddle!

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