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Spankmania Home for the Holidays – Bubble Butt Paddled in Jeans

Spankmania_Home for the Holidays – Bubble Butt Paddled in Jeans

When Ivy comes into town for the end of the year, she has more than family visits on her mind. She craves his special touch, the way he puts her across his knee and smacks her bottom. Nervously she sends the text, setting up their meeting, and a sore bottom. He loves her curves in skin tight jeans, leading her to the bedroom, positioning her firmly across he knee. Caressing her succulent cheeks, pitter patter of soft slaps, building rhythm. She moans under his adoring attentions, relishing at the building heat. His big hands cover each cheeks, alternating slaps as they juggle and bounce. She can feel the warmth between her legs, the vibrations of his spanking having their intended effect. How long until he pulls down her pants and panties and discovers her wetness?

Featuring: The Master, Ivy Sherwood

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