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Straitjacket Part One “The Close Connection” – Pinky

Straitjacket Part One “The Close Connection” – Pinky

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BDSM gear fetishists everywhere will never unanimously agree on anything much less the attributes and premier sources of visually stunning and highly functional equipment. Unless of course, you’re talking about PD’s creations. Obsessed with the binding of the human body, PD is scrupulous about efficacy and design. And he hates to wait. So he sewed and re-sewed his own pattern of a straitjacket until he was satisfied not merely with the aesthetics, but also with his requirement that equipment should perfectly fit and restrain any number of body types. As KGB (the metal smith at Intersec) has remarked, It is always a struggle to make it fit both the bitch and PD. The devices and gear you see on Infernal Restraints are one-of-a-kind pieces made by artists for artists with a deep love of the genre.

Part one of Straitjacket features Pinky cable-tied to an antique dentist chair that’s worth every penny. The elegant metal chair enhances the delicious lines and curves of Pinky’s body as she strains against the tightly constricting bondage that renders her utterly helpless. Clamps wound with copper wire are bolted so tight to her nipples that, well, you just can’t squeeze a tit any tighter, even with surgical screws. Pink and lush, her protruding nipples are mouthwatering. PD leaves Pinky with a cunt/clit vibrator in place then drives into town to pick up a couple burgers, a sandwich that Pinky clearly disdains. As Pinky wiggles and squirms against her strict, controlling bondage, PD calls Pinky’s cell phone, which just happens to be taped to a voice activated stim. The close connection of copper to nipple, while Pinky is penetrated and vibrated, causes her to have a mind-blowing experience. In Part 2, Pinky’s strapped and laced tightly into PD’s straitjacket. It fits her body like skin. We’ll see just how much she likes the burger PD brings back for her.

Most of the gear used in this shoot was either picked up at a flea market, purchased at a local hardware store, or made by PD. The ingenious re-use of day-to-day objects is well, let’s face it way hot. Like FABULOUSLY hot. Like totally INSEX hot.

Note to all Members: Throughout its existence, Intersec has welcomed the ideas and talents of its members who have shown time and again that diabolically effective equipment can be constructed from just about anything. Many thanks to all of our members, especially those with deviously obsessed minds. . .You know who you are.

A Second, More Frivolous Note: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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