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Thanks for the Hospitality

Thanks for the Hospitality

File size: 482.0 MB
Genres: BDSM,Rope,Bondage,torture
Cast: Pepper Sterling
Release Year: 2019
Video language: English
Format: mp4
Duration: 12:59
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4880kbps
Audio 187kbps
Pepper was relaxing on her couch getting ready to watch some television after work when suddenly her quiet time is interrupted by a large man who runs in and grabs her roughly XXXX her over on the couch. She asks him what he thinks hes doing and he just continues binding her wrists tightly behind her back. Pepper tries to make a deal with him to buy her freedom but the man seems to be far more interested in binding and gagging her than hearing any deals she might come up with. Finishing up her wrist job the man roughly lifts her back onto the couch and puts her in a headlock holding her head up while he stuffs a large white cloth into her mouth. She protests but it does her no good as the man produces a roll of microfoam and wraps it tightly around her head a few times to make sure that she wont be trying to bargain anymore. The man takes this as a chance to open up her blouse to see her very nice cleavage peeking out from the top of her shirt and he wastes no time unbuttoning her shirt to let them see a little more daylight. Then he grabs both of her forearms in one hand and squeezes them tightly together securing her elbows tightly. Finally with her arms bound and her mouth thoroughly and tightly gagged the man moves onto her feet binding her six inched heeled sandaled ankles together making sure she doesnt run off on him while hes taking his liberties of her home. With the rope work finished he gets up on the couch and pulls her large natural breasts out of her bra showing off a couple of nipple piercings that this conservative business woman doesnt look like shed have. Pepper struggles and her breasts bounce and heave and she tries to budge some knots but the only headway she can make is in her plaintative cries of distress. The man returns to Peppers horror with yet more rope and starts a body cinch on her pinning her already stressed forearms to her body. Then another rope is added above her elbow bounds and over and under her ample bosom. She groans as the extra rope causes her shoulders to roll back furthering the amount of helplessness the ropes are causing her to experience. With the final upper body ropes in place the man lifts poor Pepper off the couch and takes a rope from his pocket and attaches it to her upper body harness. Looping it back he quickly gets her hogtied lifting her ankles off the ground before securing it to make sure that Peppers rest isnt too comfy. Then man then heads back to the couch where he turns on the television to entertain himself a bit while Pepper struggles on the floor in front of him. Suddenly to her horror she sees on the television news that the man in her home is wanted in connection with some crimes and hes a fugitive. He tells her that hell need to hold up in her place for a few days and she squeals in horror realizing that she may just end up spending a few days tightly bound and gagged.

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