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Tickling 774


Tied Up Ankles Tickling With Long Nails

Jenny has her ankles bound and feet hanging from the edge of a bed and Kylie simply tickles her soles using the 3 techniques below. Kylie uses her index finger to tickle Jenny’s soft soles, also using both index fingers and tickle both feet at the same time. Next Kylie uses both hands to tickle both feet at the same time with her long nails while Jenny’s feet move all around trying to avoid the tickling.

Kylie enjoys playing with Jenny’s ticklish soles with her long fingernail and watching her feet struggle to get away.

File name: tickling 4155 DollHouseStudio – Tied Up Ankles Tickling With Long Nails
File Size : 396 MB
Runtime : 5 min 30 s
Resolution : 1920×1080
Format video: MP4



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