Tickling Dee’s Tickle Punishment

Tickling_Dee’s Tickle Punishment

Dee’s Tickle Punishment

Its time to retire Dee’s old stinky pumps, but she is not so willing to let them go. Jacquelyn is fed up with the stink and decides to use drastic measures to change her mind. Dee soon finds herself tied up to a chair, with her nylon soles exposed. Jacquelyn then goes to town on Dee’s soles with long finger nails. Dee is super ticklish on her feet and cant stop laughing. But it does not end there. Jacquelyn then rips off Dee’s nylons, exposing her bare naked soles. Now the punishment really begins. Dee’s super soft soles are at the mercy of Jacquelyn’s long tickling nails.

File name: tickling 3872 JamieDaniels – Dee s Tickle Punishment
File Size : 615 MB
Runtime : 12 min 23 s
Resolution : 1920×1080
Format video: MP4



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