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Tickling Suffer the Consequences

Tickling_Suffer the Consequences

Suffer the Consequences

Little Alice is going door-to-door for a fundraiser, when she knocked on my door. Now, it’s not like I’m not a charitable person. In fact, I’m highly charitable. However, I do have a sign in front of my house that says, ‘No Soliciting". Alice here disregarded that sign. She thought that just because she’s 4’6" tall and is as cute as can be, she can just do whatever she wants. Well, that doesn’t work with me. And I plan on teaching her a lesson for not respecting my sign. It’s also a good excuse to take part in one of my favorite activities, which is inflicting tickle on someone.

Ultimately, I figured out an easy way to get her stripped out of most of her clothing and bound to the bed. That’s when I used my highly skilled long red nails and fingertips to tickle poor little Alice for being so disrespectful. She’s such a tiny thing too! I was afraid I was actually going to hurt her. Well, not really. I tickled her mostly bare upper body before tickling her very small, sensitive size 2 bare feet. I tickled her all over her body and made her suffer the consequences for disrespecting my ‘No Solicitation’ sign!

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