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3dhentai Corrupted Flower

3dhentai Corrupted Flower

Picking up right where 038 left off (Don Corneo’s Underground). After Jessie comes to Don Corneo he assaults her, he pulls on her top to get a glimpse of her nice perky nipples before he throws her on the bed. Two weeks after Tifa & Aerith first got taken captive in Don Corneo’s underground arena they still continue to get raped & abused by the monsters. Tifa gets pounded prone bone style on the floor by a monster as she cries she can’t take it any longer while Aerith gets taken missionary as other monsters & a crowd watch. Tifa can only think of Cloud in these desperate times thinking if only Cloud was here they wouldn’t of lost.

Jessie gives into Don Corneo & dances seductively naked for Don Corneo as he jerks himself off. She tells him she’s so wet as she touches herself, she asks him to give the big dick. She takes his cock in her hands & gives him a handjob. Back to Tifa & Aerith, the monsters are relentless in their fucking. One pounds Tifa’s pussy faster & faster until he cums inside her, he slides his cock out & cum instantly pours out of her onto the floor as the crowd watch on. The monster fucking Aerith finally finishes cumming inside her, with nowhere to go cum gushes out of her pussy while his cock is still inside her. Aerith lies on the floor exhausted but they don’t give her a moments rest before they pick her up and two monsters take her at the same time. They strip off what little clothing she was wearing before & carry her in the air as as they double penetrate her, one taking her asshole from behind while the other takes her pussy from the side. They then finally cum simultaneously, they slide their cocks out of her as cum gushes out of her two holes covering they cocks in cum.

Back to Jessie, as she gives Don Corneo a handjob she uses her other hand to play with the head of his cock until he cums covering her fingers in cum, she then licks her cum covered fingers. Jessie now wearing some sexy black lingerie kneels in front of him as he fucks her beautiful breasts. He thrusts his meaty cock between them until he cums shooting his load all over her chest. She collects the cum into a glass & he makes her drink from it, she obeys and pours the glass above her face & into her mouth, cum spills onto her chin & down her chest, body, and between her thighs.

Scarlet bored with the show decides to take part & show how it is really done. Wearing nothing but her high heels Scarlet gets fucked on the floor piledriver style right in the pussy while she uses two fingers to finger herself, the cock & fingers in her pussy at the same time. A monster holds Tifa’s body in the air in front of him as he fucks her. Tifa’s body lies limp & her tongue sticks out of her mouth as she has no strength left & is numb to the sexual onslaught & pain. She tells Aerith not to look at her like this and she begins crying. Madam M pulls back a curtain to reveal Cloud restrained to a wheelchair wearing no trousers exposing his limp cock. A monster growls at Tifa, she asks him what he wants and she tries to run away but he grabs her body pulling her back. The monster holds her in the air, she looks back to see his monstrous cock & says its impossible. Madam M makes Cloud watch as Tifa gets violated. The monster penetrates her pussy with his huge cock, she says it hurts as she calls out to Cloud to save her. The monster stands in front of where Cloud is just mere feet away as he fucks Tifa. Tifa tells Cloud to look away, she feels shameful like this. With each thrust the monster stretches her pussy wide as its ever gone before while violently bulges Tifa’s stomach. She begs him to stop but he keeps fucking her. Cloud’s cock slowly starts to become erect as he watches in horror.

Madam M teases Cloud by playing with his now fully erect cock right in front of Tifa. She gives him a handjob while twisting & playing with the head of his cock. She then gives him a blowjob, her bright red lipstick smears half way down his cock. Tifa then gets taken from behind standing doggystyle, she tells Cloud to snap out of it but he doesn’t. Madam M sits atop his cock and begins riding him cowgirl style & tells Tifa he is mine now as Tifa cries telling her to stop touching him.

Jessie kneels to the side of Don Corneo, she then stands & begs him to give her a reward as she is tells him she is soaking wet. He can’t wait any longer & pulls her body back towards him. Jessie climbs atop Don Corneo & slides his cock inside her pussy and begins riding him cowgirl while doing the splits. He finally cums inside her, she slowly lifts her body off his cock as cum comes gushing out of her pussy.

Cloud starts cumming inside Madam M , she stands up as cum starts pouring out of her pussy onto Cloud’s thigh while Cloud shoots his last load into the air. Madam M then turns around in front of Tifa as cum drips out of her. Madam M tells Cloud lets see how fifthly Tifa’s body has become, Cloud watches as the monster cums inside Tifa’s pussy. Cum starts dripping out, the monster then slides his cock out of her & cum violently squirts out of her covering Cloud in cum, cum from previous encounters shoots out of her asshole. Tifa tells Cloud not to look at her like this but he keeps staring in shock, she fears he’ll never like her again after this.

As Jessie lies on the floor with cum dripping out of her pussy & mouth Don Corneo tells her he knew she was an Avalanche assassin all along using sex to get close to him. He tells her she will soon meet Tifa & Aerith as he pulls a lever & the trap floor beneath Jessie opens up, she falls into the underground arena below. A huge winged monster appears before her, she tells it to leave her alone. He grabs her by the wrists & picks her up off the floor. He then carries her in the air as he fucks her with his spikey huge cock. He ravages her body until he cums filling her pussy with his hot white sticky stuff. He quickly slides his cock out of her as cum gushes & shoots out of her pussy onto the floor below.

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Name: 3dhentai Corrupted Flower
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Duration: 00:33:18

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