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3dhentai Sexsona Episode 1 – Who Put Their Dick In Karen’s Latte

3dhentai Sexsona Episode 1 – Who Put Their Dick In Karen’s Latte

Yuna is bored at work so grabs a donut & sticks her dick through it & starts fucking it. Just as a customer, Karen, walks in she cums. After making Karen’s latte she complains saying Yuna stirred it with her dick. She talks to the manager, Mikimi, who gives her another latte. Afterwards Mikimi admits to Yuna that she ran out of tissues earlier & jerked off multiple times into the soy milk. Flashback scenes of Mikimi cumming on the carton on the couch, jerking off onto it on the floor, fucking the carton like a fleshlight, rubbing her cock against it, and letting a fuck machine anal fuck her as she cums all over the carton. Yuna then takes the original latte & drinks it as Mikimi watches & becomes hard
Once upon a time in a coffee shop called Beanies we find Yuna bored a the counter with no customers to serve. Looking at the donuts she has an idea to elevate the boredom, she quickly grabs a chocolate donut. She holds it in front of her skirt as her cock becomes erect. She then slides her cock through the hole in the donut & begins fucking it. She leans against the counter as she gets a little too carried away fucking it as she moans. A customer enters the shop but she doesn’t notice as she is now sliding the donut back & forth on her cock. She finally notices the customer who is on her phone, Yuna quickly stands up straight with her cock still showing with the donut around it. The customer tells Yuna her order while still glued to the phone as Yuna starts to orgasm shooting her cum into the air. Yuna finishes just as the customer is done reeling off her order, Yuna asks for her name which is Karen. Karen pays & Yuna walks off holding her skirts down covering her cock as she goes & makes the latte. She then returns with the latte, Karen takes a sip & the taste sends over the edge. In a over the top anime-esque sequence Karen appears naked with her cock out as she drinks the latte while cumming.
Karen asks Yuna if she stirred her drink with her dick to which Yuna denies. Karen goes on to tell her that she has sucked thousands of cocks in her life & that is more enough to know that one has been her latte. Yuna asks her if she is flirting with her, Karen becomes enraged & demands to speak to the manager. Mikimi then appears out of nowhere beside Yuna & asks how she can help. Karen shouts that her little fuck nugget stirred her latte with her bitch penis. Mikimi apologizes while purposely reading her name wrong off the side of the latte further angering Karen. Mikimi makes another latte quickly & hands it over to Karen, Karen then grabs it & walks away not before tripping & revealing her panties to them both (fanservice!). Yuna tells Mikimi that she never put her dick in the drink and Mikimi says she knows. Mikimi then tells her she was jacking off earlier & ran out of tissues & came in the soy milk
During a flashback scene we find Mikimi across the couch thrusting her cock between the cushions with a soy milk carton on the floor below. She then cums shooting her load all over the soy milk carton. She keeps going, kneeling on the floor jerking off all over the carton. She then fucks the carton like a fleshlight standing up while saying Yuna’s name while cumming into it. Next she is naked on the floor she thrusts her cock against the outside of the carton until she cums all over it & the floor. Finally gets anally fucked by a fuck machine taking the dildo in her ass face down ass up on the floor as she cums all over the soy milk carton.
Back to the present, Yuna takes a look at the latte sitting on the counter knowing it contains Mikimi’s hot white sticky stuff in it. She grabs it & takes a good long sip, Mikimi’s eyes light up & she smiles with delight as her cock becomes erect under her skirt and peeks out….TO BE CONTINUED

Release: Apr 2023 | Runtime: 05:42 | Quality: 1080p

Masturbation – Jerk Off – Fucking Machine in Ass – Fucking Donut – Fucking Milk Carton (like a fleshlight)
Cumshots – Cum in Milk Carton – Cum On Floor – Drinking Latte With Cum In
Solo – Futanari – Voiced – Animated – 3D

Yuna Sato – Mikimi Bottomsong – Karen – Brunette – Blonde – Big Tits – Small Tits – Big Ass – Shaved – Big Dick – Average Dick

Format: mp4
Size: 430.66 MB
Format: AVC
Duration: 00:05:42

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