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Allfetish Angel Gostosa Just A Taste

Allfetish Angel Gostosa Just A Taste

Angel Gostosa

It starts with the smell, Angel can’t believe how good it is and NEEDS to know where it’s coming from She barely realizes she has her nose buried in his shirt before saying "Oh my god it’s you". Next thing she know shellacking up his neck shocked by her behavior she pulls back but can’t resist going in for more. If she really needs to taste more maybe she should come back to his place? She takes a long lick and says thats a great idea.

She clings to him as they walk in, kissing him as he wraps his hands around her 19yo body. She could care less that he’s squeezing her tight little ass and she has no problem begging "please" when he teases her mouth with his fingers. But when he asks her to take off her clothes, she hesitates. He could just take her to the beach if she wants to stop, but she doesn’t she strips for him and climbs on his lap kissing up his neck and around his ears. Would she mind taking his cock out? What if she just rubs it? Soon she’s stroking him and kissing him, but it’s not enough. He tells her to slide to her knees and she obeys. She slips his cock into her warm wet mouth and it’s heaven. As she comes up for air drool spills from her lips all over his cock. "Say thank you" he tells her and she nods, "Thank you".

"Thank you master" he commands. "Thank you master" she responds. She’s now an eager mouth ready to serve and worship his cock, desperate to taste more. Willing to invite her friends to his home and have them taste his cock. Willing to devote herself to making him feel good.

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