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Allfetish Goddess Dommelia – Redemption

Allfetish Goddess Dommelia – Redemption

Description: You know the Easter story well; Jesus, who after showing only love, acceptance and kindness to the world and the people in it, was betrayed by his fellow man and crucified. He rose three days later and explained that he *had* to die to save us all, to forgive us of our sins. But now, almost 2000 years later, it is clear that humanity is not saved. The world is ravaged by the selfishness of man. War, corruption… This is not the world that should have been created in Jesus’s vision. So the time has come for him to rise again, but this time not as the son of God, but as the DAUGHTER of God. Jesus is in Woman form, and She is going to save humanity and all your souls by correcting man and their wickedness. The key to salvation? To sniff and stroke, mindlessly and endlessly for all eternity. With every inhale and every pump you will feel the aggression and selfishness leave your body, and you will feel Jesus, Her peace and love, running through your veins. This is your only chance at redemption, mortal, so follow me now and be saved, or be damned to hell for all eternity!

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Allfetish_Goddess Dommelia – Redemption.mp4

Allfetish_Goddess Dommelia – Redemption.mp4

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