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Bdsmmania Pony Girl 3

Bdsmmania Pony Girl 3

A continuation of Pony Girl and its sequel Pony2Girl. This time with a Trading Places style plot as two gentlemen have a wager on which of their ponygirl training philosophies will provide the superior results, breaking a feisty and spirited girl or training an already compliant girl.
Staring the returning Ariel Anderssen as her usual defiant and haughty posh girl who’s been kidnapped and whipped into a pony girl over the previous two films, and Penny Lee as the newly acquired but naturally submissive and obedient happy ponygirl.
Most of the action is Ariel continuing to be put through her paces with ponygirl training, including posture training, being locked in wooden stocks, wax play with a sensory deprivation hood, electric foot torture and other bits of bondage and spanking. Both Ariel and Penny are also put in some basic bondage and are shown pulling a pony trap

Official Description:
Two Trainers. Two Slave-girls. A quest for perfection.
In the magnificent third installment of our Pony Girl series, it is the battle of the Pony Girls!
Ariel Anderssen. Proud, haughty, posh. Kidnapped, stripped naked, turned into an unwilling pony girl. Her owner believes that spirit is the mark of a truly great pony slave girl, and that torture and bondage and humiliation can break even the proudest filly to the bridle.
Penny Lee. Submissive, demure, dedicated. Kidnapped in the woods, hunted down, captured and hauled off in her new owner’s van. Nonetheless she is pliant by nature and her owner believes that true perfection comes only through willing compliance, through bending to the whip. He believes that dedication and devotion in the mark of a truly great pony slave girl.
The Challenge
A wager! A Pony Girl event to prove which of the fillies is the most highly-trained, the most perfect Pony Girl. The Pony Girls must run the course through the private woodlands and around the lake, pulling the Pony Trap behind them! They will be assessed on every element of their race, their technique, their obedience to the whip… then they must face off in a dressage contest!

This film is one of the most ambitious we’ve ever made. We hired an area of private woodland, bought a pony trap for the girls to tow, hired a van to transport it all. We shot over multiple days, on multiple locations, shooting the escape and chase scenes, the car kidnap scene, running down the fleeing slave girls, the camping scene…
So if you want to see a beautiful girl kidnapped while camping in the woods, hunted down and kidnapped, locked into handcuffs, thrown into a van for her new life as a slavegirl…
A proud beauty trained and bent to the will of her cruel master by whip, bondage, torture with hot wax on her breasts and thighs, sensory deprivation with black-out contact lenses and hoods, electro torture, nipple clamps and humiliation…
A daring escape, fleeing through the streets and out into the country, only to be pursued and tracked down when she inevitably tires, and her master once again locks her in the collar and chains of her abject slavery…
Pony girl races, dressage, training with chips and crops, pulling a genuine pony trap behind her (when we bought the trap the seller asked how many hands was the pony who would pull it- Ariel and I looked at each other and had to laugh and explain that SHE was the pony who was going to pull it!)
And some of the most complete and authentic pony girl race footage ever shot…
You are NOT going to want to miss this film!

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Duration: 01:04:45

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