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Brooke Johnson, Stephie Staar – Neophilia (2018)

Brooke Johnson, Stephie Staar – Neophilia (2018)

Year: 2018
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Fucking, Fuck Machine, Blowjob, Fingering, Toys, Vibrator, Flogging, Dildo, GloryHole
Description: It’s an internet rumor that has spread like wild fire. A story more chilling than a crisp whispering wind. It is said, up at the farm there is a man who lurks in the dark. This man knows the secrets to unlocking the mind. Both a physical and mental process that dominates the material body and frees the spiritual mind. If the stories are true, one may caution themselves when biting off more than they can chew. Stephie, a young prodigy, is advantageous. She wants to see for herself what this gossiped beast has to offer her hungry mind. Curious to study the practice and learn the ways, she ventures to the farm baring gifts in hopes that he will part with his knowledge. An offering to the beast, a thirsty mind to entice his methods with a flowering lure. Brooke is a tall, meek, doll with long lovely curves and a beautiful gash. Craving something new to satisfy her urges agrees to this odyssey with Stephie. Persuaded and indulged by her neophiliac tendencies, the promise of an experience that would be both physical and emotionally enlightening, Brooke couldn’t help but fall into Stephie’s manipulation. After all, curiosity killed the cat. Slight panic set in as Brooke walked towards the barn. Intelligent enough to observe no animals, no crops, but a large barn isolated in the valley of the mountain surround. Swept with fear, her come to Jesus moment, she did not know the experience to come. Smart for being stupid, she knew the two of them where not alone. Lashed against the wall with a simple snare, Stephie is ready for the beast. Trapped with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, Brooke meets the famous man that lurks in the shadows. Fear strikes the young beauty and the endorphins start flowing. A snake slithers from the shadows and evaluates his young prey. A physical challenge and test of endurance begins. Brooke is losing grip of reality, her status quo resets on this normality. The life she once knew, the person she once was, now a distant memory. Time can no longer be counted, it does not exist in the rabbit hole. She is back to a primal adaptation to survive. Physiologically breaking down. She’s left to solemnly reflect on who she really is. Developing her strengths: tolerance, stamina, obiediance and submission.
Models: Brooke Johnson, Stephie Staar

Size: 2.39 GiB
Resolution:1080 x 1 920
Duration: 1 h 7 min
Type: MPEG-4


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