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Extreme Jacey Jinx 28 09 2018

Extreme Jacey Jinx 28 09 2018

Hood Rat, Jacey Jinx – Jacey tries out hoods (28.09.2018)

2018, BDSM, Humiliation, Torture, Whipping

Jacey Jinx came to us with an interest in being hooded. It was something she had a little experience with, but she wanted to explore it more thoroughly. She knows we have a lot of different hoods so she knew she had come to the right place. The first hood is a "smother hood". It provides enough air to breath, but you have to be careful to be calm. Of course OT doesn’t make that easy.
The second hood is a "zipper hood". The eyes and mouth zippers can be opened to let in light and air for the subject. This one is tighter on our subject and causes her a bit more panic. To make matters worse she’s in a rather strenuous position with all her weight on her knees.
After each hooded experience Jacey talks about her experience with them. She describes in detail what it was like to wear the hood and rates her favorites.

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Year. Release: 2018

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