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Extreme Penny Lay | Giggles : Sep 15, 2017 (2017)

Extreme_Penny Lay | Giggles : Sep 15, 2017 (2017)

Genre: BDSM, Torture, Humiliation
Description: Penny Lay just won’t stop giggling. Either she thinks this is seriously funny or she’s laughing out of fear. She’s balancing on the cross when OT comes to put his hands all over her. She doesn’t seem very happy about it. He exposes her gorgeous body before he torments her feet. Then he whips her. Sitting on the wooden pony would make most people get serious, but not Penny. She just keeps giggling. OT tries putting the vibrator right on her clit. Once it’s on she can’t help, but orgasm. With the pain of all her weight on her pussy the orgasms are bitter sweet. Penny is tired after her ordeal so OT lets her rest, but not without some bondage. Her hair is one of her most interesting features. He locks that down with a hose clamp to the floor. She tries to get away, but she’s locked down good.
Models: Penny Lay
Year. Release: 2017

Size: 1.92 GiB
Resolution:720 x 1 280
Duration: 36 min 16 s
Type: MPEG-4

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