Fawn Locke (10 08 2018)

Fawn Locke (10.08.2018)

Year: 10.08.2018
Genre: BDSM, Bondage, Humiliation, Torture, Spanking, Toys
Description: As we saw on Hardtied Fawn Locke is a bondage enthusiast. She loves being restrained tightly and tormented. Fawn says she loves predicaments and strenuous bondage so OT puts her body in a frame that makes her hold a squat. If that’s not enough her legs are spread wide exposing her beautiful cunt. In a leather strap box tie Fawn is made to hold herself up on top of a single pipe with one leg strapped to itself. Just when she thinks she’s in a strenuous enough position OT starts whipping her. She’s really put to the test. OT puts her into a modified pile driver position with her toes holding her up and he canes her exposed ass including her sensitive little butthole and cunt. Then he violates her asshole with a pogo while he vibrates her to intense multiple orgasms. After a while her pussy is so sensitive she wriggles and screams.
Models: Fawn Locke

Size: 2.11 GiB
Resolution:720 x 1 280
Duration: 39 min 50 s
Type: MPEG-4


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