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Hate the pigs

Hate the pigs

TAYLOR SANDS (snuff, necrophilia, strangle porn, forced, rape, fetish)

A woman detective calls dispatch, telling them that she is at a crime location from two days ago. She cuts the crime scene tape and enters the house. There is a marked silhouette of a dead body on the floor. She’s going through the scene to try and find some clues and more evidence.
Suddenly she hears some noise. She pulls her gun out. "Is anybody here? I’m the police. This is a crime scene, this place is closed to the public." Nobody responds. She goes through the house room to room cautiously with her gun. It looks like no one is there. But she didn�t check one of the rooms properly and when she turns away, somebody hits her.
She’s unconscious, tied to a chair. The killer slaps her few times. "Detective Samantha Rodriguez. What are you doing here? I hate cops. I hate cops who come snooping around and don’t mind their business."
�Who are you? What are you doing here? Why am I tied up? Let me go!"
The guy just laughs. "I’m the killer you are looking for Samantha. I left a disc behind and it’s very important and expensive so I came back for it before you pigs find it. Here you got it, motive, evidence and killer in one package. So close Samantha, so close."
Killer rubs her gun on her face while he’s walking around her and talking to her. Then he puts the gun away, takes out his knife. Starts grabbing her hair, smacking her, ripping her clothes off and torturing her. When he is done torturing her, he fucks her mouth, threatens her if she does anything stupid he will cut her throat and starts raping her. After he pops a big load inside her, he grabs a garrote and strangles her to death.
When she is dead he takes her body and places it on the silhouette of the previous murder, and leaves.

Runtime : 31 min 57 s
File Size : 2.36 GB
File type: mp4
Video : , 10.4 Mb/s
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : 2channel(s),48.0 kHz
Language: unk
Year. Release: 2018



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