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Incest Andi James

Andi James – Mom Teaches Me About Sex

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Scene One: Boy’s are wired wrong
Early in the morning my mom sits me down for a talk. We’ve had talks like this before, all about how to be a gentleman. �I want to make sure you never mistreat a woman� She tells me. But this lesson is different. She opens up her robe and rubs my leg. �This is how you should treat a woman� She smiles at me.
Sliding her hand up my boxers her hand slowly grasps my penis. I’m confused and shocked as my penis gets hard in her hand. �Are you ready?� She asks, getting to the floor and putting me in her mouth. The feeling of the blowjob, her warm lips around me, makes me explode in her mouth with a stream of hot cum. �It’s ok honey� She whispers to me.

Scene Two: Boy’s are mom’s stress relief
Mom comes home after a long and stressful day at work. She tells me all about her asshole boss and how demanding he is. She just needs me to sit next to her and help her de-stress. �I want to show you something� She whispers to me. Mom spreads her legs and pulls her panties to the side, giving me a look of her pussy.
I can’t believe this is happening. She guides my hand to her hairy pussy lips and lets me feel how wet she is. She has a very special lesson for me on how to treat a woman. Spreading her legs she guides me inside of her. Her warm inviting pussy feels even better than her mouth. �I’m going to cum all over your cock!� She screams at me. As her pussy tightens around me I cum deep inside of her. Ashamed I run out of the room as my mom smiles, completely content and happy.

Scene Three: The last time
Mom calls me into her room. She’s laying on the bed dressed in tight clothes that make me feel strange, and make my penis get hard. �wasn’t yesterday nice? I think we should do it again� She tells me. Getting on all fours she puts me penis in her mouth and makes my vision explode in white ecstasy.
She bends over and I slide her tight panties down. Pressing my penis into her I rock my hips back and forth. �Yeah I like that� She moans, closing her eyes and letting the rhythm make her cum. My young body and hard dick are just too much for her. But I don’t want to stop and she makes me cum all over her face. �We’re not going to be able to do this anymore, we just have to stop� She tells me, realizing how wrong what she’s doing is.

Scene Four: Forcing on mommy
I don’t want to stop fucking my mom. After she tells me it’s over, I lay in my bed awake and horny. I sneak into her room while she sleeps and pull the covers off her body. My dick needs her, it needs to fuck her. When she wakes I’m already inside her, thrusting into her pussy. �I said we couldn’t do this anymore� She gasps.
But I don’t stop fucking her. She tries to push me off, but I’m too strong and too horny. �This isn’t right� she begs me. I just fuck her harder until she cums on my raging cock. �I want your cum� She says desperately as I give her another big load in her mouth. Even though she knows it should stop, she’s going to keep fucking me forever.

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