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Orgasmageddon 3: Denial (2016)

[b]Genre:[/b] BDSM, Humiliation, Torture
[b]Description:[/b] In pleasure, as in all things, the human body has its limits. Today, O.T. has decided that his goal is to find out Marica Hase’s limits. He wants to see how far he can take her, how close to an orgasm he can get her without letting her cross the line and without having her go absolutely crazy. O.T. has Marica chained and shackled up in some intense metal bondage with her legs held open for easy access. He starts out by warming her pussy up with his fingers, then he ramps it up quickly by sticking a metal hook inside her and starting to pump her for moans. It doesn’t seem to be enough so he plugs in the hitachi and soon Marica has completely lost control of the sounds she is making. O.T. in the meantime has complete control. Every time Marica gets to the edge of orgasm he pulls away and leaves her squirming. O.T. takes out the celebrator as well and starts alternating between the two vibrators. He moves back and forth between the two, the celebrator delivering intense and pinpointed pleasure, and the hitachi giving a more general area the most powerful vibration that can be delivered by a hand held device. Then, just for fun he uses the both of them at the same time. This drives Marica nuts. She lets out squeals of both suffering and ecstasy. But O.T. isn’t done with her yet.
[b]Models:[/b] Marica Hase

[url=https://picstate.com/view/full/7873984_5vnme][img]https://picstate.com/thumbs/small/7873984_5vnme/3652804.mp4.jpg[/img][/url] [b]Size:[/b] 2.43 GiB
[b]Resolution:[/b]720 x 1 280
[b]Duration:[/b] 45 min 28 s
[b]Type:[/b] MPEG-4

[img]https://pornmania.cc/img/b2.png[/img] [url=https://daofile.com/we679wiyj7ti/3652804.mp4][b] Download from Daofile >[/b][/url]

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