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Pissmania Touch Your Toes with Baby Dream

Pissmania Touch Your Toes with Baby Dream

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Baby Dream is one of the most dynamic pissing girls that we have ever featured. She is the complete package – young, beautiful, and her smile emanates all of that beauty even more. Her boyfriend allows her to head into the shower alone not knowing how illicit her behavior can be. Once nude in the shower, she pulls off an amazing perpendicular split. Holding her leg in place with her hand, she pisses while maintaining herself steady on one foot. She also has an excellent manner of eye contact while she is getting pissed straight into her mouth. Baby Dream demonstrates just how flexible she is, bending at the waist completely, licking her leg while she is fucked from behind. Her flexibility leads to one peerless pose after another, both for pissing and for intercourse. One of the most dynamic shots – and where the title for this update originates from – is her sucking her boyfriend’s dick as he is sitting on the floor. And yes, she does pee while simultaneously sucking dick! After some male piss swapping Baby Dream’s body is again sharply folded in half, this time as she gets pissed in her mouth. She is alone for a bit for a very nice solo piss before slipping back into her overalls, pissing while wearing them, and ultimately getting soaked by her male friend.

Runtime : 40 min 53 s
File Size : 2.29 GB
File type: mp4
Video : , 7 689 kb/s
Resolution : 1920×1080
Audio : 2channel(s),48.0 kHz
Language: English
Year. Release: 2018


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