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Spankmania Nude Spanking X2

Spankmania_Nude Spanking X2

Kyle Calls both his mentees Stevie and Daisy over for a talk about the issue they share, which is a very bad potty mouth. Since they have both been spanked soundly individually for it and it has not worked, he is going to strip both the naughty brats naked and SPANK THEIR PALE LITTLE BUTTS SOUNDLY IN FRONT OF EACH OTHER! The embarrassed girls do as they are told, and then are both given VERY sound hand spankings while watching the others spanking. At the end, Kyle brings a girl over each knee and leaves the two naked brats howling in unison as he tans their butts and tries to tame their bad potty mouths! A GREAT SCENE WITH TWO GREAT SPANKEES!

Tags: Kyle Johnson, Stevie Rose, Daisy, BDSM, Spanking, Fetish

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