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Veronica Radke

Veronica Radke

Veronica Radke – Nice Guy Killer

necrophilia, snuff, rape, rough sex, fetish

Oday was different. The gal was at his place, doing a presentation for him. He sat in his lovely suit jacket, bind, sipping coffee as she gave possibly the lamest presentation he had ever seen.
She was apparently an dork and should die shortly.
He listened, gave her pointers, the usual stuff any lovely man would do. And, when she was relieved, convenient, vulnerable–he attacked.
When she came too the world was different. She was roped, on the carpet. He told her he was making a recording of this—for others to watch and set up the laptop and camera. She was scared–just not for her life. That would come afterwards.
The rape was cruel as rapes tend to be. She was whimpering and howling the entire time, but he knew she perceived him in her and would leaving, the rest of her life wanting that again. Only, she would never leave.
He attempted to explain the concept—the dilemma….but they were all dumb in the end. So he toyed with this one a bit.
He truly enjoyed her answer when he was clumsily getting the garrote around her—he desired to put on a show–draw it out. This was not his A game—not these smothers. She punched and thrashed, writhing all over the place–various postures. It was entertaining, witnessing her fight, then choke for air when he let the garrote liberate. Every time, she had that glimmer of expect that this would mean she would life.
But, the story for this female must end. And so, the garrote went tight–really taut, and stayed cock-squeezing as she thrashed, spread her neck muscles, bugged out her eyes, caned her tongue. All those things—those endearing things her assets did to attempt to live, did not stop death from coming. And then, she was still.
He spinned her over, admired her. The web cam recording was just for him. He was not ditzy. It was a showcase…it is all a flash. He left her to stellar on his carpet. He would collect and dispose of her later.

Runtime : 32 min 49 s
File Size : 1.25 GB
File type: mp4
Video : , 5 313 kb/s
Resolution : 1280×720
Audio : 2channel(s),44.1 kHz
Language: English
Year. Release: 2018



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